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What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are popular pets, and there is a large amount of information (some reliable, some less so) regarding how to feed and keep these engaging animals. This article seeks to dispel the common misunderstandings about what to feed your pet rabbit, and makes feeding suggestions to support health and long life.   Rabbits are herbivores, […]

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Why Is Chocolate Poisonous For Dogs And Not People?

Theobromine Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. In large amounts, theobromine can be toxic for both dogs and humans; however toxicity is very rare in people even when very large quantities of chocolate are consumed. Dogs metabolise, or break down, theobromine much more slowly than humans. This is why a […]

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Glucosamine – Why Use it when it doesn’t work?

Since 2000, more than 800 products containing dietary supplements promoted as treatments for osteoarthritis have entered the US market place alone. In 2008, the market for supplements such as herbal medicines, nutritional supplements was $20 billion and rising. Surely, they must be doing something if we spend this much money on them? Maybe..maybe not. I […]

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