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Ear Disease in Dogs

Ear disease is a very common problem in dogs, and most vets working in practice will diagnose it on a daily basis. A dog’s ear canal is an L-shaped tube lined by skin and it culminates at the deepest part with the ear drum. The ear flap (pinna) and canal help to funnel sound waves […]

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Ear Surgery in Dogs

Can ear surgery help your dog’s ear problems? Ear problems are common in dogs with certain breeds such as spaniels being particularly prone to them. The majority of ear problems can be treated medically using various medications either as tablets or ear drops. However, in some cases problems are recurrent or do not resolve. In […]

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Management of Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats

In the first article in this series on atopic dermatitis, Anita Patel explained what the condition is and how it is diagnosed. In this article she explains how atopic dermatitis can be managed in affected dogs and cats. Can I cure atopic dermatitis? In one word “No”, but you can manage the condition successfully. Atopic […]

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