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Ear Surgery in Dogs

Can ear surgery help your dog’s ear problems? Ear problems are common in dogs with certain breeds such as spaniels being particularly prone to them. The majority of ear problems can be treated medically using various medications either as tablets or ear drops. However, in some cases problems are recurrent or do not resolve. In […]

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Biopsy Procedures Explained

What is a Biopsy and Why Does My Pet Need One? A biopsy is when a small sample of a tissue, most often a lump or growth, is taken for analysis to determine what it is. Unfortunately it is impossible to tell what a lump is just by looking at it or feeling it. There […]

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Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

What is laryngeal paralysis? Laryngeal paralysis is a condition where the larynx (voice box) fails to open the vocal cords when breathing in. This makes it difficult to breathe, particularly when active, which results in a spectrum of symptoms from noisy breathing and reduced ability to exercise through to life threatening obstruction of breathing in […]

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