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How Does Acupuncture in Dogs and Cats Work?

There are two approaches to the teaching and theory of acupuncture (AP): Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) The Western scientific approach The Western Scientific definition of acupuncture is… “A therapeutic modality involving insertion of needles using knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology & evidence-based medicine”. TCM sees the body as having two opposing forces, Yin and Yang, […]

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How Can We Tell if Dogs and Cats are In Pain?

It’s a very good question! How can we tell if dogs and cats are in pain? In part one of this article, anaesthesia expert Matthew Gurney explains the importance and some of the challenges to providing adequate pain relief for dogs and cats. Do animals feel pain like us? Yes they do. However, for many […]

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The Ins And Outs Of A General Anaesthetic

What does anaesthesia involve and how will my pet be anaesthetised? Premed – the first stage of the anaesthetic is known as pre-anaesthetic medication, or premed for short. The premed is a combination of a sedative and a painkiller which is given as an injection into the muscle. Your pet will become relaxed and the […]

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