Ear Disease in Dogs

Ear disease is a very common problem in dogs, and most vets working in practice will diagnose it on a daily basis. A dog’s ear canal is an L-shaped tube lined by skin and it culminates at the deepest part with the ear drum. The ear flap (pinna) and canal help to funnel sound waves […]

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Fig 2: Right sided hip dislocation in a dog with hip dysplasia

Hip Dislocation in Dogs

The hip joint is made up of a ‘ball’ (the femoral head) and its respective ‘socket’ (the acetabulum). The ball and socket configuration allows a wide range of free movement during normal activity. Hip dislocation in dogs occurs when the femoral head loses its close association with the acetabulum. It can dislocate in a range […]

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Fear Aggression in Dogs

Fear is one of the most common triggers for threatening or aggressive behaviour in dogs. But what is fear, why do some dogs become fearful of things that won’t actually harm them and what makes some of them go to the extreme of using threat or aggression when they are feeling afraid? What is fear? […]

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Pet Rabbit Care Top Tips – Toys

Environmental Enrichment and Toys   Parts 1 and 2 in this series have provided top tips for the budget conscious bunny owner on how to enrich their pet’s quality of life. In this article, find out what environmental enrichment you can provide for your pet rabbits without breaking the bank. Enclosure enrichment Hanging – get […]

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There are lots of nutritious treat foods available for pet rabbits for no or very little cost

Pet Rabbit Care Top Tips – Food

Have Fun with Food! If you are on a budget, it can be the little things that matter most. If you own a pet rabbit, using items and methods that encourage natural bunny behaviour can keep your pet’s mind active whilst keeping the budget low. This series of articles looking at behavioural enrichment in pet […]

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