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Veterinary Physiotherapy

Most people have heard of the physiotherapy profession in relation to the human medical and rehabilitation field, however many people still have not heard of, let alone had any experience of the veterinary physiotherapist. Human physiotherapy has been around for many decades (some may even argue centuries) as use of soft tissue mobilisation techniques, such […]

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What is Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs?

In an earlier article about Elbow Dysplasia in dogs, orthopaedic expert Rob Rayward helped us to understand the ‘normal’ elbow joint. Here he looks into elbow dysplasia in dogs; a common cause of lameness in growing dogs. What is Elbow Dysplasia? Elbow Dysplasia simply means ‘abnormal development of the elbow joint’. The term Elbow Dysplasia […]

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Patellar Luxation in Dogs

To understand why patellar luxation in dogs occurs, and how it can be treated, it is helpful to understand a little anatomy. The quadriceps muscle is the large muscle at the front of the thigh and is responsible for extending the stifle (knee) joint. The patella (kneecap) is a bone that is attached to the […]

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Elbow Dysplasia – What is normal?

Elbow Dysplasia is a very common cause of lameness in growing dogs and it can lead to serious arthritis. Where is the dog’s elbow and how does it compare to our own? There are some important differences and in the article orthopaedic expert Rob Rayward sets the scene. Where is the elbow joint in dogs […]

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