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Breathing Difficulty in Dogs and Cats

Having trouble breathing is, at the very least, an uncomfortable experience, but can also be life-threatening if your pet is unable to take in enough oxygen to their lungs when breathing in, or to get rid of enough carbon dioxide from their lungs when breathing out. What can cause breathing difficulty in dogs and cats? […]

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Christmas Poisons in Pets

The holiday period around Christmas and New Year is obviously a time for most people when much food and drink is consumed, homes are filled with more people than usual, there are often children around, and Christmas trees adorned with presents are given pride of place. All of this creates an environment in which it […]

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Blocked Cats Part 2

In the first article on blocked tomcats we looked at what a ‘blocked cat’ is and the signs to look out for. In the second article, emergency expert Shailen Jasani describes how this condition is managed, what steps you can take to try and prevent it from happening, and what the outlook is. How is […]

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Blocked Cats Part 1

A ‘blocked’ cat describes a patient that can’t pass urine due to an obstruction. It is one of the true emergencies affecting cats and it can quickly become life-threatening (1-2 days).   Any cat can be affected but it is much more common in males. It is therefore essential that everyone who lives with a […]

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