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We need to teach our children to respect that their dog may not want to be hugged

Children and Dogs

How to Stay Safe Around Each Other The image of a child with their faithful dog running through grassy meadows together holds a special place in our hearts but how can we make sure we keep our precious children and dogs safe around each other?   As parents, we teach our children to always ask […]

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Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Urination in cats – when does it become a problem? Urination is a very natural and necessary behaviour for cats as it is for humans, but, according to the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors analysis of feline behaviour problems, 55% of cases in 2012 were due to urination on vertical and horizontal surfaces. So why […]

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Stress Free Christmas for Pets

I love Christmas – it’s my favourite time of the year. I love the look, the sound and the smell of it. I love decorating the rooms and putting up the tree, hearing all the Christmas carols and even look forward to the cheesy pop songs. I especially love the aroma of festive food and […]

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Firework Phobias in Dogs and Cats

Remember, remember the fifth of November….and most of the rest of the year too! Phobic and fearful behaviour in pets is the fifth most common problem that members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) encounter. Sudden loud noise is one of the most commonly described causes and it’s the run up to the […]

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destructive dogs

Destructive Behaviour in Dogs

Grab it, shake it, rip it up and chew. Why do dogs show destructive behaviour? “Please can you stop my dog ripping up the cushions, chewing my socks and running off with my pants!” is a plea I often hear when I answer the phone in my role as a clinical companion animal behaviourist dealing […]

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