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Diarrhoea In Dogs and Cats

Diarrhoea refers to an increase in the water content of faeces which results in ‘loose motions’. The severity of diarrhoea, and the consequent need for veterinary attention, can be enormously variable.   ‘Acute’ Versus ‘Chronic’ Just as in human beings the majority of bouts of diarrhoea in dogs and cats are acute (short in duration […]

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Episodic Weakness and Collapse

What is Episodic weakness and collapse? Essentially, ‘episodic weakness and collapse’ refers to involuntary falling over!  Dogs are more commonly presented to veterinary surgeons with this problem than cats. Syncope (pronounced sin-coh-pea) is the technical term for fainting when the patient temporarily loses consciousness. Collapse, such as fainting, may be completely benign and require no […]

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