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Taking Your Pet Abroad

Taking your pet abroad has become much easier recently. You can now take your dogs, cats or ferrets with you when you go abroad for a holiday within Europe. In this article we’ll talk you through some of the steps you need to consider when packing a suitcase for your pets! Where can I take my pet abroad? There is […]

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Streptococcal Pneumonia in Dogs

An Emerging Respiratory Disease That Can Kill The Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) Group at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are currently researching a bacterial disease that has been increasingly implicated in fatal cases of infectious pneumonia in dogs over the past five years. They are calling for dog owners and vets to recognise the […]

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What is a Parasite?

Parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between two or more species, where one species, the ‘parasite’, lives on or in and benefits from its ‘host’ (at the expense of the host). What is a ‘parasite’? Traditionally the word ‘parasite’ refers mainly to organisms visible to the naked eye (so called ‘macroparasites’) but is now used also […]

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Parvovirus in Dogs – a Returning Disease?

Canine parvovirus is an extremely contagious disease that can have severe, even fatal, consequences. It is a relatively recent infection which was first described in the 1970s. When the disease emerged, thousands of dogs died after infection, before an effective vaccine was produced. Although reliable vaccines have been used for many years, there have been […]

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