Pet Rabbit Care Top Tips – Toys

Environmental Enrichment and Toys   Parts 1 and 2 in this series have provided top tips for the budget conscious bunny owner on how to enrich their pet’s quality of life. In this article, find out what environmental enrichment you can provide for your pet rabbits without breaking the bank. Enclosure enrichment Hanging – get […]

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There are lots of nutritious treat foods available for pet rabbits for no or very little cost

Pet Rabbit Care Top Tips – Food

Have Fun with Food! If you are on a budget, it can be the little things that matter most. If you own a pet rabbit, using items and methods that encourage natural bunny behaviour can keep your pet’s mind active whilst keeping the budget low. This series of articles looking at behavioural enrichment in pet […]

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It is rewarding to watch the individual characters in a group grow and interact with each other

Pet Rabbit Care Top Tips – Preventing Boredom

How to Keep Pet Rabbits Busy But Not Break the Bank As a pet rabbit owner, it’s a good idea to look for new ways to keep your pets’ brains active. Using items and methods that encourage natural bunny behaviour is one way of doing this whilst keeping the budget low. Be inventive with household […]

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We need to teach our children to respect that their dog may not want to be hugged

Children and Dogs

How to Stay Safe Around Each Other The image of a child with their faithful dog running through grassy meadows together holds a special place in our hearts but how can we make sure we keep our precious children and dogs safe around each other?   As parents, we teach our children to always ask […]

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Total Hip Replacement in Dogs

Hind limb (back leg) lameness is a common reason small animal patients present to a veterinary surgeon. This is a more frequent scenario in dogs but we also see cats with this type of lameness. The causes of hind limb lameness are varied, but hip pain is a frequent reason for our patients to become […]

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