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Stress Free Christmas for Pets

I love Christmas – it’s my favourite time of the year. I love the look, the sound and the smell of it. I love decorating the rooms and putting up the tree, hearing all the Christmas carols and even look forward to the cheesy pop songs. I especially love the aroma of festive food and […]

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are social creatures that have evolved to live with humans. It  isn’t surprising therefore that unwanted behaviour sometimes occurs when a dog or puppy is left ‘home alone’. However, whilst it is often assumed that the problem behaviour is triggered by ‘separation anxiety’, this is not always the case. It is therefore very important […]

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Firework Phobias in Dogs and Cats

Remember, remember the fifth of November….and most of the rest of the year too! Phobic and fearful behaviour in pets is the fifth most common problem that members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) encounter. Sudden loud noise is one of the most commonly described causes and it’s the run up to the […]

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destructive dogs

Destructive Behaviour in Dogs

Grab it, shake it, rip it up and chew. Why do dogs show destructive behaviour? “Please can you stop my dog ripping up the cushions, chewing my socks and running off with my pants!” is a plea I often hear when I answer the phone in my role as a clinical companion animal behaviourist dealing […]

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Understanding Your Dog Part 2

Pack or family? The idea that dogs live in strict dominance hierarchies and that dog behaviour can be prevented or managed by establishing yourself as ‘pack leader’ was well established for many years. However many behaviourists now question how accurate this theory is and even whether it can be harmful. In the first part of […]

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