Biopsy Procedures Explained

What is a Biopsy and Why Does My Pet Need One? A biopsy is when a small sample of a tissue, most often a lump or growth, is taken for analysis to determine what it is. Unfortunately it is impossible to tell what a lump is just by looking at it or feeling it. There […]

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destructive dogs

Destructive Behaviour in Dogs

Grab it, shake it, rip it up and chew. Why do dogs show destructive behaviour? “Please can you stop my dog ripping up the cushions, chewing my socks and running off with my pants!” is a plea I often hear when I answer the phone in my role as a clinical companion animal behaviourist dealing […]

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Problem Paws: Pododermatitis in Dogs

Constantly licking and chewing their feet. Sore, red, itchy toes and lameness. Pododermatitis can be a real problem for our pets! What is pododermatitis? Pododermatitis is common in dogs. Quite literally, it means inflammation of the skin or footpads of the paws. Dogs with pododermatitis usually exhibit paw licking or chewing and in more severe […]

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Carpal Hyperextension

What is hyperextension? As you probably have noticed, dogs and cats walk a bit differently compared to human beings – cats and dogs walk on the tip of their toes. Sometimes we can encounter animals that are walking with the palm or plant of their paws touching the ground (known respectively as a ‘palmigrade’ or […]

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Understanding Your Dog Part 2

Pack or family? The idea that dogs live in strict dominance hierarchies and that dog behaviour can be prevented or managed by establishing yourself as ‘pack leader’ was well established for many years. However many behaviourists now question how accurate this theory is and even whether it can be harmful. In the first part of […]

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